How to ride Self Balancing Scooter

If you want to learn how to ride self balancing scooter then best way is to give it a try but its good to read some basic about this cool gadget , This scooter works on gyroscope technology, which drive your smart phone too just like at the time of playing games you turn phone on right then character in game turn right and when you turn your smart phone left charactor on mobile screen turns left, same technology drive this self balancing scooters.

this Image will help you to understand how you can take control easily of your scooters. If you want to stop then just push yourself backside and if you want to move ahead push yourself front while riding this. best way is that you take some support at initial stage just like some one is moving with holding your hand while you are drive this scooter. that will reduce your chance to fall down.

if your friend have this scooter then borrow this for few days and you will master it in few days then you can purchase your own, if you want to know which one are the best then check this Scooter Reviews article. if you want to know which one we recomend then my personal favorits are some of this

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